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alvaro henrique | Brazilian Classical Music, a treasure yet to be explored
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Brazilian Classical Music, a treasure yet to be explored

    This is the score (a photocopy of the manuscript, in fact) of Ernest Mahle’s Suite for Guitar. Note it was written in 1975 and premiered in 2007 by a Guitarist born in 1981.

    Brazilian Culture has dazzled the world in many areas, and music is one of them. But the world only truly listens to Brazilian popular music. Its classical music is still a treasure to be discovered. There are incredible music unpublished, unrecodered and unpremiered like no place else.

    Ernest Mahle’s Suite for Guitar is an example. Mahle was, for many years, director of a music school which had guitar teachers and students. He is one of the main classical music figures on the countryside of Sao Paulo, and his music is often performed by choirs, orchestras and chamber groups. This manuscript copy I got at a public library, with easy access to anyone. And it was yet unpremiered on 2007, 32 years after its composition, when I played at the Festival de Musica Clásica Contemporánea de Lima.

    There are many other examples of great music, by known or established composers, available, waiting for interpreters to play and for listeners to appreciate. I try to include them always on the radio show I present in Brasilia, and you can listen to them at

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