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alvaro henrique | Amadeus, the movie
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Amadeus, the movie

    I believe Amadeus, by Milos Forman, is the best movie about classical music ever. Often people talk to me about this film.

    It is not a biography of Mozart. And when I say this at first people feel they were deceived. But it not being a biography makes it exactly the masterpiece it is: the movie features many allegories of social and government criticism. It was a way to approach important issues without risk of being censured – or worse.

    There are the figures of a “favourite of the power” who punishes and pranks a “favourite of the people”. On the movie, Mozart gets sick upon premiering the Magic Flute on a popular theatre, and his wife is humiliated by Salieri, the official composer of the court, as the Czecho-Slovakian dictators were the URSS favourites.

    And that is part of the magic of Amadeus: inside a beautiful story with historical facts and great music there are many true and real feelings that everybody who lived under a dictatorship experiences, but can never say them.


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